Jobs in Finland – Most popular (cleaning)jobs’ links and offers

For those who would like to get a part-time and possibly full-time job in Finland

These websites are collected mostly from my experience and I have got some jobs from those. There is nothing needed more than patience and a lil bit of luck in your CV and interview – which is the opportunity for you to show up your willing to work as well as your previous experience in the field.

Let’s get started:

1. Lassila & Tikkanoja:

This is a big company in Finland about cleaning & recycling services. It’s suitable for students who want to work part time because they have quite alot of time schedules so you just need to find out which is the most flexible for you. As I have just refused a job of 25 hours working from 6 to 10am due to my studies priority. The salary is good, in my opinion. One limited thing about it It’s because L&T is a big company and is similarly with a big ship, It is definitely not easy to change the time if you wanna work earlier (4am for example) 

2. SOL Palvelut:

I have never worked for SOL so I’m not sure how the business is running there. They have different kinds of job offers for students and the workload is easier than L&T. Don’t know about the salary there, either. If you get lucky you can find a job which last for a few hours per week and manage well your heavy studies

3. NClean:

Well, one good thing which I like of this small company is the salary and the work location. They are mainly located in the center so We don’t have to find the routes or look for a bus time to get there. The workplaces are quite nice such as hotels, restaurants ( well… of course in the restaurant It’s abit worse since you have to deal with different kinds of people and waste and sometimes, drugs + drunkers + homeless people. But, It’s a part of the cleaning job ), lobbies, shopping malls and market.  This is a small company which has been built 3 years lately but the reputation as well as wages are completely worth your efforts. 

4. ISS World Suomi:

Seriously I have never seen anyone getting a job from here ( I mean the people I know ). It’s quite mysterious LOL. Usually they would require you Finnish management even though the work has no contacts with anyone (midnight, early morning, weekends, etc.) They have numerous job offers as well and this is even a bigger company than Lassila & Tikkanoja. So.. take your chance. 

5. Adecco Finland OY:

Adecco is a company which mostly offers office jobs. If there is anyone who is studying Facility Management or Hotel Management or Anything related to Hotel, restaurant, media stuffs like that this is a nice place for you to try. Somehow I think the salary  is higher since the work environment is more professional and It’s completely not a physical work only.

6. MOL:
The reason why I put this website to the last one is because most of you have got familiar with this since you come to Finland. Well, this is a website of Work Office Department in Finland and It’s not surprising when you can find everything here. The information is diverse and It’s your responsibility to manage and verify it. 

For those who don’t want to work in the cleaning field, this is a website which you can find jobs mostly for Business degree, Nursing, Logistics Engineering.

I hope these sites above can somehow help you figure out how the market is in Finland and which personnel resources are lacking of, so that you can be prepared for the work fields. There might come some troubles, for ex. you got a good job but then have to quit for some reasons ( like I did a few times ) , but one advice which I would like to give to you guys is that: Be patient, Keep Trying and Also Prepare for the Best(accepted) AND the Worst (refused)

the person who wrote this article has just started her studies after 2 years working in Restaurant Management field at the age of …20. She’s back to school and studying a completely different degree which is not related to what she had been doing before 😉


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