I’m B-b-b-b-b-b-b-ACK !!!


WordPress làm ăn sống nhăn. Lâu lắm mới vào thả cho gần 30 spam comments. WordPress ơi anh mà lộn xộn là em bỏ anh luôn như bỏ người tình một thưở Facebook của em đấy 😉

Second semester has begun. Everything at first is quite new to me through I have suffered my first few months with those kinds of subjects. I enrolled 10 courses in total and have been trying my best just to get enough credits to transfer to Helsinki. Helsinki is the most suitable in Finland for me, I think, which guarantees my life and almost everything else. My depression s gone few days ago since I catch up with the studying at JAMK and other stuffs keep me busy all the time so obviously I have no time for stress or kinds of distraction.

The picture above is a small summary of how I look like at this recent time. Hope you wouldn’t think that It’s a bad one.

23rd Jan, 2013



One thought on “I’m B-b-b-b-b-b-b-ACK !!!

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