Tóc Mây – Music of the Sun

I took this picture this morning after waking up from the latest sleep then grinning without any reasons and jumped to the bathroom like a squirrel. I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered why I looked so bad ? ( Laugh Out Loud )  “Bad” – in my dictionary – means no vital and power and strength. It doesn’t mean by a hot girl with long legs, makes up so strong and walks with high heels every night to the club – or anything you can image while thinking of a beautiful lady. Nope, I definitely wasn’t talking to these uncertain things.

So I turned on the maximum volume for the song I really like recently named “Sweat” of Snoop Dog, remixed by a very famous Deejay David Guetta. Singing while taking a bath is really great – I have to confess so. My little Lady Cat lying on the sofa, sometimes she yawns and had half-closed eyes from spleepiness. It’s cute enough to make her have a kiss of mine, teasing that “I have to find a boyfriend for you, Kitty. But before it, I wanna have my own one”. I laughed at myself, thought what I had just said is so hilarious, like an “impossible mission” that I had never taken before. I’m planning for a few months coming to live by myself without any men’ impact, so that would be less pressure, at least for my brain.

But, it doesn’t matter to me to live happier than ever in the freedom and a limit that a “spoiled-rich girl” could do. I will try to make some noises, some optimistic noises in my own life and have fun with every guy I meet – whether accidentally or personally :=) I feel no guilty while playing or having fun with them even if they have girlfriends or wives. It’s their own problem to solve to protect their happiness. Having fun is another aspect of life. So I don’t care if any women think I’m a naughty gurl. Not at all.

Yup. So What are you guys gonna do this new week ? I’m thinking of continue studying

 Messy. But Smooth enough to remember 😉

Grade 12 after 1st of June, but very lazy, you know ? I still wake up at 11 a.m this morning, brush my teeth, comb my hair, make up lightly and go out and have lunch at 12 a.m. Like this – How could I get up and prepare to go to class at 7 a.m while everybody go to work but a girl still lying on her bed, dreaming in the blanket ? 🙂 ) What a shame …

Entry ended. Just wanna write something for this bullshit life 🙂 ) Thanks for spending time to read. I didn’t tend to write in English. But some one was a motive. Maybe Vietnamese is not able to translate what I meant. So Thank you, English. Still have some secrets to keep ;D

P/s: Baby, you caught my hint pretty good. Hope you understood what I meant.

Can’t you feel the music in the air
Close your eyes let the rhythm take you there
Doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from
Come and dance to the music of the sun
Forget about your troubles it’s alright
Let them go till we see the morning light
Feel the beat as our bodies move as one
Come and dance to the music of the sun (the sun)
Come and dance to the music of the sun the sun (the sun yeah)
( Music of the Sun – Rihanna )


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