So Much In Love

As I was searching for my favorite entry from an online buddy, I found “So Much In Love”. To be honest I knew it long time ago when studying at old primary school but I quickly forgot it ‘cos that time too much new songs and new generations flushed me away from golden songs book.

“So Much In Love” is old. Yes! It was composed by the time I was born or even before. You may feel that I’m so … reserved but actually coming back to old golden songs makes me feel so great, just like I was deep in my old memories with grandma, with my bookshelf and old room when we were still living on Nguyen Duy street. That was a wonderful moment of me. “So Much In Love” also reminds me of my men, who always able to help me and save me from tears when we had troubles or bad things in life.  It reminds me of the time I was younger than now and many things happened that I could not handle nor conceive because those were too complicated, too fast, too poisonous and too painful. Above all, it takes me to “You” – the person was very important to me, my first love.

If someday I vanish, will you remember me with so much in love ? …

As we walk by the sea together
Under stars twinkling high above
So in love are we two
No one else but me and you
So in love, so much in love

Baby I hope you realize
That you mean so much to be
You’re everything I ever wanted in a woman

As we walk down the aisle together
We will vow to be together til we die
So in love, are we two
Just can’t wait to say I do

So in love are you and I
So in love are you and I

So Much In Love


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