Back2Skul – Good Bye “Holidays” :(

I was fucking tired after a day of moving through many places: grandma house, birthday party, super market, department store, being taken by my cousin’s scooter while it was raining ( oh My … ) , and then … my bathroom. Got home late and tried to court a bowl of rice before lying on the bed. My brain is now empty and nothing could be studied anymore. My eyes are sticking on the ceiling and wandering to somewhere else. Suddenly I think of him, the man I just saw on Vietnamese Teachers’ Day.

He stood there, quite far from where I was sitting. His face was like the Past. He wore a white T-shirt and came with his friends, for a few seconds after disappearing behind the Teachers’ rooms. Nothing changed after a year without seeing him directly by my eyes. I don’t like him anymore. But that’s the first man I look up to and realize how much I honor and appreciate him. He doesn’t like me either and I knew it very soon. Our relationship was almost like brother and little sister and in fact it didn’t develop though we studied at a mutual school. Ha-ha, how pure and cute a liking for somebody was … 🙂

You may think that I’m an amorous girl but actually I’m not !!! Spending time to talk about different man makes me look like a girl who is trying to chase them no matter how people gossip behind me. No, not that you think. I appreciate every person appears in my life and each of them has a value that nothing can compare or replace, specially men. They help me, through this modern life is full of envies. Don’t think too much, cause men never think as much as what we think. They think less, but do more. And you may say that I understand and am so experienced about them or it’s not a good point. Whatever you want. I don’t disagree your opinions in case you didn’t notice. I never talk too much about my important men, sometimes just some one I met on the street or by accident I saw somewhere while traveling. That’ all flighty…

Back to holidays, today is my last beautiful Saturday and I have to get back to study TOMORROW. Oh My … I have never liked studying even though it brings me opportunities to work in a nice place or meeting celebrities or blah blah blah. Never Like It! Don’t ask me for a help in study, just ask when you don’t know how to cheat or copy the others’ results. Lol, What a shame !!! When I was a secondary high-schooled girl I used to be a cheating girl – means that every period which had exam I would always try to “connect” friends surrounding. Maybe this stupid thing lead to a bad suggestion that we would never apply to a high school for the gifted because it has too much stresses. Stupid Part 2.

Raining outside. Now I just want to sleep cause tomorrow we are going to study Math at teacher Long’s home. He may not be the best teacher I have ever known, but he makes us feel so comfortable and have no burden while we study with him. He uses some bad words instead of charming behaviors but that’s fine. We enjoy it and study well ( and pay tuition every month lol ) –  that’s enough 🙂

Oh guys I need to take a sleep. See ya later. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang :]]

Love you guys so much.



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