The Materialistic Girl

I just found out this “magic” word yesterday while I was reading an entry of a woman who has 2 children. She said she needed a present for X-Mas coming and confessed that she was a materialistic woman and that character still gnawed at her despite time passed every seconds. The entry was written last year, but above all who cares about it until it is deleted 🙂

All again, I think I’m also a materialistic girl.

This thing is quite abstract for me to define. In my deepest thoughts I ALWAYS live with material requirements. I have a strong tendency that always want to have more and more what I’ve had, especially what are concerned with furniture, clothes, cosmetics and cooking equipments ( I know I’m a good chef in case you didn’t notice lolz )

When I was 12 years old. The first one who told me how to choose clothes was my aunt. She is not a designer nor model or expert in fashion. But she helped me about the way I “perform”  in front of people and the colors, the material, the styles …  Anything which makes me feel perfect even though what I wear are really simple. Is that a materialistic person ? Yes! But that Materialistic thing is shown in a positive way without abuse, without any affectations and efforts . I guess now you got what I wanna talk about 😉

But It doesn’t mean I don’t have any exceptions. People like diamond ? but I don’t. I would rather wear silver or just a crafting bracelet than standing for hours just to choose the most suitable ring made by diamond for my own. I would rather have a nice and simple dress and a white pure shirt than get crazy but can’t find the fit clothes for my own. It’s a waste of time when you know you can’t afford to possess it but you still try and throw out the window your money ( or parent’s money). Who knows it’s suited with you ? Neither in outfits, girls go shopping for hours, for days just because they find out  a new collection and in any way they have to have it. What’s the point when you can’t handle and balance between like and need problem ???

Yesterday i read many times her entry and wondered whether or not I’m a materialistic girl. But now I have answer for my own. I’m Not. Life is full of troubles and though in my heart the dream of living in a better life never slip away, I still have to try but make that thing become a negative. It will be used for worth things when all my ambitions come true for sure.

Because somewhere in me There’s still a materialistic piece.

9h35′ 24/09/2010


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