You Spin Me Round

Hello  guys! It’s been a week I haven’t had any new  information for you. So now I would like to “report” something before we go to the main performance of this week.

1. Internet is banned at home ! This is the worst thing I got from my dad. He decides to ban using Internet because “You have to focus on your study and try to get access to the Internet as little as possible” – as he said. But Little means we just can use it at weekend or when we have got difficulties, we get access to ask friends or consult.

I have no ideas about it. Just sometimes I feel It’s better if I graduate high school so that having time to freely using Internet is not a big deal. Anyway in our parent’s eyes we’re always small and young and … innocent. Lolz

2. Exams, exercises and etc : You know what, this week I suffered from many painful things. I did 2 exams but not completely perfect , got some crazy mistakes and had to stay up late for the whole week then wake up early in the morning in order to finish what I hadn’t had done.  If only you knew how it does suck to me you will understand how much stressful it is. Damn! We are gonna have mutual exam the next two weeks with 6 subjects and I honestly don’t want to do it at all! Who says studying is fun? I don’t think so. Going to school is fun and it obviously doesn’t include studying to distraction like what we’re doing.

3. My cat is lost and the mike appear Ha ha. How ironic that we have just brought our lady cat to my dad’s work and the day after our Ông Tý appeared and seems they decide to live in my house. I remember when there was a cat I always shouted at her and chase her because she lied on my bed. Now I regret doing so and just miss her like crazy. Feel sorry a lil bit because sometimes I’m not a … generous person.  I would get back to the time she was ill and our whole family took care of her and took her to see veterinarian. The more she is lost, the more I penetrate the sentence some one has said: ” What you have lost, you treasure and miss it like crazy”

Many activities for next week. I just wanna get drunk for or die for a while so that I will forget all my burdens. Don’t wanna be lazy because parents pay money for me not to want to have a lazy girl and lose all the time. A scholarship is waiting for me next week and I think I can handle/ manage time to take it. I’m bored with my study at school in generally and curriculum Grade 11.I know it’s hard but I have to try. When u try, you may lose. but if you don’t try, nothing is possible/ you never win.

I gave my teachers an essay I had written the previous day and she seemed pleased with it. I wrote about Friendship topic but it doesn’t get a lot of things to write, even though each of us have our own friends. Friendship is always one of the most difficult topic to describe.

So How was your week? Did you guys have something special or fun that would like to share ? I lose some weights without taking physical exercise and in near future, maybe I will be a cellular skeleton. Ha ha. And now !!! This song for our buddies is ……….

You Spin Me Round ( Like a record )

Teachers, you spin my head right round like your cricket =))


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