My Surfing Man

Gone with the wave

And I saw him yesterday afternoon – in a cloudy day, lightly in the wind there was a fragrance of salt and the sunlight was dropping as honey drops.

He was surfing with his friends while we were having a joke together far from them a quite long distance. It would be nothing happened if my lil sister didn’t explore some men over there by her binocular – I mean the place he was practicing. It was fun – or else I could say it was incredibly wonderful.

He is a tanned dude, muscular and his appearance was kinda sexy in those sporty shorts. I didn’t mean I would do the chase him right after we got acquainted but anyway having friends means having more fun. And I decided to come closer.

Please note that Neither This is  a fiction nor the first time I talk to foreign men or try to cheat on them. I’m not trying to imagine anything which isn’t real. And not only with these thoughts I had much more confidence to start a talk but also I want you to know that I’m not a nasty/dirty/bitchy/crazy girl.


He comes from Minnesota, the USA. He travels Viet Nam every summer in order to practice his favorite sport – surfing on the beach, taste new food from all parts of this country and also wants to have an opportunity to look for some one pretty, if they have many things in common. He has lived in HCMC for few years before being back to the USA and continues working as an engineer in building major. I wouldn’t guess anything about him. I don’t like judging the other people from the first time I know them because judging means knowing some one very well. And I appreciate him because the way he talked to me was not a stuck up, obnoxious guy I had usually seen before. He gave me a whole new perspective of Americans.

He asked me why I talked to him but not his friends. It was a difficult question – I think – ‘Cos I really didn’t know how to answer satisfactorily for him. After my “Oh just a talk by meeting accidentally and I really admire the people who play this kind of sport – I don’t know” – I was quite. He burst out laughing and said “You know what, I was curious when I saw you came up to us and asked me about many things without a reason. I’m not a feudal person but it has never been a girl asking me like I’m a celebrity”

I smiled – didn’t answer anything. He was cute, indeed cute.

We exchanged number phone because it was late and I had to be back to my family, or else I would get scolded by my mother. He didn’t say anything else, but a promise seemed to be planned – that he would fly to HCMC in the next two weeks and if all things are still kept in touch – we will see each other in person more usual.  I guess you don’t know how I felt that time – It was spectacular happy !!! He may be a stuck up man, may be a celebrity with another people but with me he doesn’t seem to be like that!

When the sunset was coming up, I realized I had found an important part of that day. Sitting on the seashore and spent the rest of time to think about what he had said, that I shouldn’t have been so timid before the mill, sometimes giving our standpoints would be a tough decision but it’s better than saying nothing and making common cause with the others. And when I do anything, just remember to live and play heartily.

It was from him – the person I have just met the first time but left me so much things speechless.

It was from him – who helped me to realize what I have lacked of and not to be afraid of my defects and  improve the assets.

It was from him – who has a bright smile and the way he talked was so seductive and much much much charming.

It was from him – and I find a lot of thing that I can’t express/ explain because he is so impressive.

I don’t want to say for more.  You see and judge yourself 🙂

Life is beautiful – My Surfing Man.

Entry is written for Christopher Wilson by Alexis Nguyen


One thought on “My Surfing Man

  1. Wow is this his picture or you borrowed from another one ? He is just …. fucking hot with that outfit. hahaha.

    Hey by the way do ya have his Facebook ? Getting more friend means getting acquainted for life. lolz.

    Good nite baby

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