A Breakup Letter

Dear J

Why did you break up with me when I love you so much ? You know I care for you so deeply and you just threw me over saying you needed to move on. I just want to know why? In fact I feel I have a right to know

This came as such a shock. I thought that everything was going ok with our relationship and although we has been having a few disagreements we could definitely smooth them out. After all every relationship has ups and downs right? I thought that when we resolved our small differences we would build a strong bond. I had even started dreaming of a more permanent relationship.

You shattered my dreams, my life and hopes. Now I can see you were just playing with my emotions and didn’t really care about me at all. All those romantic moments and intimate times did not mean a thing to you. I was just another conquest for you. I really want you to know how much you have hurt me with your cold and unfeeling actions. I would never have hurt you this like and have given you no reason to behave like this.

I can only think from your actions that you are not ready to commit. Somehow you do not share those feelings of love and commitment I felt towards you. You really do not and may never know the true feelings of love. Maybe this was your problem all along and my love for you just blinded me to the truth.

Whatever the reason for you to break up with me, you should and could have discussed the matter instead of just dumping me without warning. I just your true nature has emerged and I have been so wrapped up in my love for you that I just could not see the real you. Well perhaps it is never better to know now then further down the road.

I still feel you owe me an explanation and maybe you will have the guts to explain. Two years to get to know each other and half of year for dating are quite a long time for a relationship and I think you do owe me at least some sort of explaination rather than just “Well, Honey I think It’s just time for us to move on”

So please just call or write one last time and tell me why you really had to break up with me.

….. ‘Cos we are not alike.

Alexis Nguyen.


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