It’s 11.30 am and I’m sitting at home, nothing to do but blog

I stated to write blog when it was Yahoo 360! Quite simple but still made us addicted.

First time I signed up to it I didn’t think someday I would be a “hot blogger”. But then, after a while leaving for my own study and many many exams, I came back to Y360, kept writting and showing ppl my private life. Quite “Public” but still limited, in some confinesses. Then I met and knew many people around my city, country or even from different continents, such as South Africa, Ghana , Chile, Mexico, Argentina or Venezuela 🙂 They were all kind and honest, and my Eng was also improved a lot. Not sure about them now, ‘cos after Y360 was deleted, I changed my Yahoo ID and forgot most of old friends.

Now I start to explore this site, one more time . Honestly I hope it won’t be closed too soon :)) :))  I’m not sure if I will find someone over here, knew me before but still excited with this work 😉 Maybe It’s my biggest past time , beside singing … hahaha

End now… Have a nice Sunday everybody !!!


One thought on “13.06.2010

  1. Okay, I would like to “correct” his comment, not that I don’t like him (lol) but First of all I shall give you “a greet” ,rite ?

    Hope everybody who visit my site will have fun 🙂

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